In honor of Gary Richrath.

Heavy Metal Messenger

Reading that REO SPEEDWAGON’S Hi Infidelity was getting a 30th Anniversary release this week made me think immediately of my baby sister.

How she used drive my brother John and I completely batty with this record. How she drove our friends batty too. How my already batty Mother (sorry Mom!) went deeper into Battyville that summer because of the incessant replaying of this album.

I clearly remember one afternoon a lot like today in the Northeast, record-breakingly and dangerously hot. We had no air conditioning in our apartment, hell we barely had any fans, maybe a fan in the living room and Mary (my baby sister) kept playing Hi Infidelity over and over and over and over and over and over and over…OK, you get the point, it’s annoying!

Even more annoying to me in particular was that I had discovered the album and was already a big fan of it. Until…

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