According to MLive.comMARILYN MANSON and ROB ZOMBIE engaged in a war of words Friday night (October 12) at the the ninth stop of their 36-city “Twins Of Evil” tour at DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan.

Manson reportedly accused Rob Zombie of cutting Marilyn‘s set short, telling the crowd, “I’m going to kick his ass.”

Zombie also addressed the feud during his 90-minute performance, telling the audience, “Some tours just don’t go [expletive] together” and making it clear that he was tired of Manson‘s “rock star [expletive].” He also fired more verbal shots at Manson while paying homage to Alice Cooper with a cover of Cooper‘s classic “School’s Out” (see video below), dedicating the song to “the only real shock rocker there ever was, not some punk-ass bitch, Alice Cooper.”

“[Bleep] you Marilyn Manson!,” Zombie reportedly yelled several times, along with other choice words including “suck it, Marilyn Manson!” He also called Manson “Brian,” referring to Marilyn‘s birth name, Brian Warner.

Manson implied on Twitter that Zombie had also cut Marilyn‘s set short Thursday night in Rosemont, Illinois, writing, “Sorry to Chicago for not getting to play ‘Beautiful People’. You can sing it in between Zombiesongs, his band has already played it.”

Zombie himself took to his Facebook page earlier today to “clear up the rumors flying around.” He wrote, “Neither I nor anyone working for me madeManson cut his show short. It is a co-headliner and we both play the exact same set length every night. It is all very simple, but if one of us chooses to go on late for whatever reason, that time will have to come out of their set. That just the way it works, that is the way it always works. There is no evil plan going on. It is all complete nonsense.”


Singer Corey Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio that HOUSE OF GOLD & BONES-PART 1 has turned out even better than he had hoped. “It’s some of the best work we’ve ever done,” he said. “Song-wise, guitar-wise, performance-wise, I mean, everything. It’s so good. It’s come out so much better than I thought it was going to. It’s surpassed all of our expectations. It’s really, really good.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the making of the project, Taylor said, “Even with the time constraints we had, we basically recorded two albums in the time it takes to record one. So we were doing double-duty every day. I was tracking two songs vocally a day just to keep us on a deadline and it really pushed us to strive for excellence.”

The singer also said that the band wanted to “really try and go for (a) natural vibe on this without using a ton of samples and really try to differentiate us from everybody else out there . . . we wanted to really capture a unique sound.”

“House of Gold & Bones – Part 1” track listing:

01. Gone Sovereign
02. Absolute Zero
03. A Rumor Of Skin
04. The Travellers Part 1
05. Tired
06. RU486
07. My Name Is Allen
08. Taciturn
09. Influence Of A Drowsy God
10. The Travellers Part 2
11. Last Of The Real

STONE SOUR‘s video for the song “Gone Sovereign” can be seen below. The clip was filmed on September 26 in the band’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa with director Paul R. Brown, who has previously worked withSLIPKNOTMÖTLEY CRÜEKORNGODSMACK and AVENGED SEVENFOLD.

STONE SOUR will play a couple of festival dates in South America in early November before heading overseas later this fall for a European tour.

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