The last four months of 2011 are shaping up to be downright kick ass with new albums from ANTHRAX, CHICKENFOOT, and MEGADETH just to name a few.

With last Tuesday’s (September 13th) release of what many are calling the metal album of the year, myself included, ANTHRAX’s WORSHIP MUSIC and legends like MEGADETH poised to challenge that title, I couldn’t be more excited about the health and vitality of metal and hard rock music right now.

Last week was the best week for metal in a long, long time. ANTHRAX, ALICE COOPER, and DREAM THEATER all released new studio discs on Tuesday, The Big Four Show at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday was an instant classic, and big sales of all three of the above releases placing them all in the Top 20 on the Billboard Album charts made this metalhead extremely happy about the state of my beloved metal music.

More evidence of the strength of Heavy Metal is in the new song and video from MEGADETH below:


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