This band is exciting for me because it breaks the mold. Three ladies, one dude, and a sound that comes from influences as varied as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (one of my faves), WHITE ZOMBIE  (another fave) and THE PRETENDERS (fave again!)
If you like any or all of those bands, chances are you are gonna like STAR & DAGGER.
STAR & DAGGER, the band features former WHITE ZOMBIE bassist Sean Yseult, and has just finished mixing its new album Tomorrowland Blues, with Ethan Allen and Dave Catching at the helm. The CD will feature the original 2010 recordings from Hicksville Trailer Palace Studios and five new tracks that were laid down earlier this year at Rancho De La Lunain Joshua Tree, California.
STAR & DAGGER features Yseult, vocalist Von Hesseling, guitarist Donna She Wolf (CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL), and drummer Dustin Crops.In a December 2010 interview with Suvudu, Yseult described STAR & DAGGER as a band that is “getting back to the metal. It’s blues rock, but heavy and tuned down. The members are split between New York and New Orleans, so it takes longer to write and record but I love what we’re coming up with. We like to think of it as Anita Pallenberg fronting [BLACK] SABBATH!”
Yseult last year released a book, “I’m In The Band – Backstage Notes From The Chick In White Zombie”. It was described in  a press release as “a detailed account of [Sean‘s] time in WHITE ZOMBIE, one of the biggest breakout metal sensations from the ’90s.”




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