Aaah…a nice summer song. I can picture a big ole bonfire, some brewskis and this song cranking from the car stereo on top of a country hill in a field walled by maples, oaks and pines. No one to hear or see what you’re doing. Girls in cutoff shorts and bikini tops, beer in hand, hair blowing in the fresh breeze, their behinds shaking as their rounded bottoms peek out of their blue jean shorts. Sounds like fine living to me and this song would fit perfectly into a night like that.

Oh, it’s the Peppers all right. A very good song with lyrics that feed the groove, a funky, flowing strong bass line from Flea, stone solid chunky percussion work including some serious cowbell, from Chad Smith, the voice of the one and only Anthony Kiedis and a nod to 80’s pop/rock makes “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie,” a fine return for RHCP.

My favorite part of the song is all too short Adam and the Ants sounding solo and the rest of the guitar work from guitarist new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

All in all it’s a promising return from the Pepper dudes and makes me look forward to the rest of the album I’M WITH YOU that releases August 30th.


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