Firstly, I want to thank all of you loyal heavy metal and hard rock freaks for spending time with this blog. The Heavy Metal Messenger has had nearly 10,000 visits since I started it a few short months ago. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

As an even more substantial thank you I’ve put my money and my time where my heart and soul are and created an even more extensive site with a fancy new logo (Thanks Will!) and way more stuff to bang your head to.

I have some specially branded HMM products in the works too. So in the future you could win your very own Heavy Metal Messenger t-shirt, necklace, belt buckle, ring, ear rings, maybe even one of a very few limited edition Hot Wheels Heavy Metal Messenger cars!

Just click on the logo below and get to CRANKIN’! Keep coming back because this is just the beginning of a massive undertaking and I need you to make it happen!

So, once again…thanks to all of you headbangin’ muthas so get your asses over to the Hotter than Hell

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